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ReMar Review for NCLEX

Quick Facts for NCLEX: #1 Next-Generation Study Guide

Quick Facts for NCLEX: #1 Next-Generation Study Guide

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Quick Facts for NCLEX is a must-have RN & LPN resource for the Next Generation NCLEX & Exit Exams with need to know Core Nursing Content + Top 200 Drugs for NCLEX Pharmacology.

BENEFITS: Study the book quickly with no long paragraphs and no complicated language to learn; it's just the facts for NCLEX and ZERO fluff!

You need to know everything in this Quick Facts for NCLEX book because it will be on your NCLEX exam.  You can pair this with other resources such as UWorld & Kaplan for the added advantage for NCLEX!

THE NURSING BIBLE: Nursing students call Quick Facts the nursing bible because they take it everywhere they go and provides excellent guidance for daily studying!

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