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ReMar Review for NCLEX

Quick Facts for NCLEX: #1 Next-Generation Study Guide

Quick Facts for NCLEX: #1 Next-Generation Study Guide

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Quick Facts for NCLEX is a must-have resource for nursing students to understand Next-Gen Faster. You can add this to boost content knowledge with other resources such as UWorld & Kaplan. 

This study guide is perfect to use starting your NCLEX Prep for RN & LPN and also Nursing School, and Exit Exams. 

Students call Quick Facts the nursing bible because you take it everywhere and it has exactly what you need to know and the pharmacology section is the best! 

With this 120-page book, you'll build a strong foundation, lower your study time, and quickly build your confidence in taking and passing NCLEX RN or LPN! 

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Your book will arrive in 2-4 business days! 


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